Herschel Nova Mini Backpack Completely Honest Review

A detailed review on Herschel Nova Mini Backpack

We have always worked hard to get you updated market products and values. We always hope to get your money spent wisely while saving some and getting a quality product that goes for long. Today we will review Herschel nova mini backpack.

Are you looking for a cute backpack that holds all your essentials but doesn’t look saggy or too bulky on you because you’re a short girl? I purchased the Herschel Nova mini backpack three months ago and now I will have a review.

Although if you not a backpack girl I figured it might be a good idea to invest in like a smaller backpack also because backpacks have evolved when it comes to the design they used to be really saggy and bulky.

When we came across the Herschel Nova we found it to be the perfect backpack for short size people or even if you’re taller is just a perfect. So I bought it to test this out and now we want to talk about it.

Because we found it to be pretty awesome it really deserves an overview. This backpack is super and I think it is cuter compared to a regular backpack that might be very bulky.

Pricing for Herschel nova mini backpack

So the price on the Herschel official website you would pay $49.99 dollars while you can buy it here from amazon which is a lot cheaper, it’s about $38.99 dollars.

Structure and framework of Herschel nova mini backpack

It is very structured. If you don’t have anything in this bag it still stays in shape the whole day and every day. And that’s exactly what we like about it.


Then it has a big pocket on the inside and it is lined with the signature red white pinstripe that Herschel puts in all of their backpacks. It has one slot. It’s not the biggest but you can easily fit your wallet in there which is pretty thick. It has one big compartment no other areas to hide stuff insight from the front pocket it has two top handles.

Adjustable handles

They’re also easy to adjust. You can increase or decrease the length which you desire.

Zippers with Herschel tag

The zippers are super elegant and classy. It has simple designing which looks a way more professional. on zippers it has a little tag here on the side it says Herschel as well but it doesn’t have like big red names on the bag itself which is really appreciable because often times when you see backpacks nowadays they’re very in-your-face.

It’s a pleasure to see how minimal they kept this bag. Herschel’s aesthetic has very well-known and one of the reasons I think is because it’s always very minimal yet very sleek simple and chic.

Improvements for Herschel nova mini backpack

So here we pointed out just a few things we think that Herschel could improve.

Hard zippers

The main thing is the zippers! The zippers are quite hard to open. They’re not supple at all. It doesn’t run smoothly so especially the top compartment zipper when you try to like close. Sometimes it really requires a quite use of force to open and close.

When it comes to opening these zippers, so we really think they could work on the zippers

Make them a bit smoother when it comes to opening zipping it up to sipping it open. Because it is quite annoying when you have to battle with your back just to get something out so that is one thing that we definitely think they should improve.

Annoying two handles

The second thing is that it’s of two handles. It’s hard to figure out why they have made up another handle for shoulder holding which is actually useless. It’s just a design thing it’s not really a bad thing but it’s annoying sometimes.

Anti-theft slot on the back of the backpack

Then the last thing that’s the inner pocket like the inner slot on the back. We wish they created like a small zipper compartment. So that you can keep things under lock and key.

if you will do so that it’s harder to steal something, for instance, to put your wallet in here.

The best about Herschel nova mini backpack

So let’s get over to the stuff that we loved about this Herschel Nova backpack.

Cute structure and chic look

So the first thing is the structure of the bag.

Because it’s a mini backpack it is a really big plus you see most backpacks get really saggy and bulky when you carry them on your back. But this backpack stays in shape all day every day. This backpack has a very straight bottom which is perfect. if you want to carry heavier things on the bottom like your camera which or an iPad.

It has a round top that makes it look a bit cuter more feminine.

The rest of the backpack is very clean so it’s a really nice aesthetic.

This backpack has pretty sturdy and nice depth in the backpack so you can put a lot of stuff in here.

Water-resistant fabric

Another thing about the fabric is that it’s water-resistant.

This makes it perfect because people often bring their cameras and other electric equipment.

Cushion padding on inside

On an extra note about Herschel mini nova backpack, it says that it’s padded from the inside. it’s not super padded but it does have some cushion to it.

So you do not have to worry much about getting your phone or iPad getting accidentally bumped.

Our thoughts about Herschel nova mini backpack

Herschel nova mini backpack is an elegant chic and beautifully designed backpack. If you short on height it suits you even more so it is definitely a must-have. It has a professional look that will enhance your personality at work. It can hold almost all the daily essential stuffs like your laptop iPad or your MacBook. it actually fits your wallet in too.

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