How to choose the best water bottle? Comparison review.

Comparison review of best water bottles

We have always worked hard to get you updated market products and values. We always hope to get your money spent wisely. while saving some and getting a quality product that goes for long. So today we are going to do a stainless steel best water bottle comparison.

I want to talk about the three most searched brands namely Klean Kanteen, hydro flask, and yeti.

Because these are stainless steel bottles.

There are a few things that you’re going to get regardless of which brand you end up choosing.


So the first thing is insulation! So all of them offer double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel bottles. They offer them in several different sizes with different ounces. Even hydra flasks and Yeti make gallon-sized water jugs so we have several different options in terms of what size bottle you get. they also all offer different accessories.

so whatever you buy at a store isn’t ultimately what your bottle is going to be like at the end right. You can get different lids in some cases. you can get non-slip little things for the bottom of them. so you don’t dent them or they don’t slip off tables so you have different accessory options for all three different brands. All three also offered different products as well.


Yeti is the most expensive if you’re just looking purely at price. Klean Kanteen starts about at twenty-five dollars for a 20-ounce bottl.

, hydro flask about Thirty-seven dollars for 20 Oz water and Yeti is about fifty dollars for a 36-ounce bottle so Yeti is the most expensive of the three.

So why would you even get Yeti if you can get the other ones and they’re pretty good as well?

The biggest thing that I could identify is that you want a Yeti product and that’s a real thing right. People like Yeti they trust Yeti and they want Yeti product. So it just has a very strong brand. the second thing and I probably think the biggest thing you can sink your teeth into is that the bottle itself is dishwasher safe.

so you take off the lid put the lid aside or hand clean it. You can put the actual bottle in the great dishwasher. They have three finger carrying things.

they play that up as though it’s a feature I like how you can carry the bottle but I don’t think it’s an actual feature. It has a super wide mouth lid and it works fine for drinking out but it’s not a feature.

What is special about yeti’s best water bottle?

Its dishwasher safe

The biggest thing is that you can put it in the dishwasher.

More accessories and more compatibility

You have more accessories and they’re all compatible across most of the different types of products.

so if you get a coffee mug that same lid will fit on this bottle and if you get this lid it’ll fit on that bottle. So they have not only more accessories but they have better compatibility across all of their accessories.

Customer service

Yeti has got the best customer service along with its best water bottle.

Warranties given by these brands

I know Yeti comes with a five year warranty.

Klean Kanteen has a lifetime warranty and hydro flask has also a lifetime warranty.

Which brand respect their warranty more?

I’ve had a lot of success with getting brand new models from hydro flasks so if I dented it. And I felt like it impacted the insulation whatsoever you just compromised the insulation. I think I’ve done it two or three times now and I’ve gotten a brand-new bottle every single time.

.So I like the hydro flasks customer services I can’t compare it to these but I can say it’s pretty good with hydro flask moving over to Klean Kanteen.

What is best about Hydra flask?

I think this is the smallest of the three brands it’s actually out of Chico California. My favorite thing about this one is that it’s easier to sip out of so it still has a somewhat wide mouth opening here you can easily fit ice into it but I found it’s more convenient to sip. You don’t have to worry about putting your nose in the bottle like with Yeti. You don’t have to worry about hitting your nose on the side of the lid here.

with hydro flask this one to me was the best one to sip out.

What thing made Klean Kanteen feel underrated?

So one thing that I think is underrated about Klean Kanteen is the lid.

Pros of Klean Kanteen best water bottle

So if you notice as it’s just a small loop there that’s great for hooking on a carabiner.

so if you have a smaller size bottle maybe an some ounce.

you can clip it on your backpack a lot easier than with a hydro flask because the hydro flask moves around and the Yeti one is hard to fit it around. I’ve had the most success with the carabiner clip on Klean Kanteen I think that’s something that a lot of people overlook also prices. So Klean Kanteen’s best water bottle is not only the double-wall version but the most affordable of three. The single wall version is their original one which is still a stainless-steel water bottle but it’s super affordable. So if you don’t need something that insulates crazy well.

you just want a stainless steel bottle that’s a really good option. It will sweat and it will get hot or cold on the outside. but it’s still pretty good for the price now that single wall version that one is dishwasher safe but the double-wall one

The hot-cold test for the best water bottle.

let’s move over to the hot-cold test. Because they all three claim different things in terms of how long they can keep your beverages cold, how long they can retain ice. So for us on the cold side of things the ice retention test, we found that Yeti was the best all three.

I think they could all three go hours in a controlled test but Yeti was the best, Klean Kanteen was the second best and Hydra flask was in last place. Interestingly enough still all were pretty good at ice retention.

Our thoughts

I would like to put on my thoughts about purchasing the best water bottle in this review.

My preference is Klean Kanteen. I would go for Klean Kanteen because it’s the most affordable.

I like sipping out of it better. Its the lid that I like the most and it still does a really good job in terms of insulation.

Hydro flask has a great brand so does Yeti, that’s is popular but if it just comes down to brass tacks and you start going down the spec sheet you can save a little money and still get an awesome water bottle with Klean Kanteen and it objectively beats hydro flask in most.

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