Shoe bag from Private Label Herschel personal review

Private label shoe bag review from Herschel

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We have been bringing you the latest worthy products to make your money spent wisely. Today we would be doing a review on a Herschel duffel shoe bag that I just received. A shoe bag is essential for your gym, outdoor jogging, and other adventures. Click the above link if you want to purchase this shoe bag.

So let’s start reviewing this brand new elegant

It’s easy to go carry-on and TSA approved.

Private label duffel shoe bag is a very elegant and chic bag. so the first thing that drew me to this bag is that it’s a carry-on. It is approved by the TSA. so you can bring this with you onto the airplane you don’t have to check it. For me, that’s kind of a big deal because a lot of times planes charge for checking your bags.

The main reason that’s so important to me is because I hate check-ins.  I don’t want my expensive sneakers, other equipment to be stolen or damaged.

So being able to bring this bag with me onto the plane I’m able to keep an eye on it. I just throw it up on my seat and I am pretty much good to go. So if I need to edit something during the flight. I can just reach up and grab my laptop. that was a really big selling point for me.

Superb Quality

Another thing I liked about this bag is the material. So this particular bag is the limited edition bomber jacket variant of the duffle shoe bag. I think it’s a perfect one. because I love bomber jackets and too because the material is nice. the entire exterior of the bag is covered in this bomber jacket material. this thing feels nice to the touch and also feels very durable.

Honestly like there aren’t any scuffs on it as of yet. but it could just be, even the straps they use do feel durable. it’s kind of like seat belt material. Just like any other duffel shoe bag, it has straps. if you don’t want to carry it around by the handle you can also attach a strap that’s included. There’s cool embroidered private label on the padding which is a nice touch.

Free flight tag with this private label shoe bag

Another thing that they included a red flight tag just like what you used to find on some of the old Nike foams. And then on the other side it says private label, which is cool this is a nice pop of color on the outside of the shoe bag. On the sides of the shoe bag, you also have these pockets with magnetic clips. You can throw your laptop power cable or your snacks or whatever it is that you want to throw in. then on the back, you’ve also got a quick access pocket for your boarding passes things like that. It’s also got a nice orange detail which you notice when you open the shoe bag.

Perfect metal hardware used in this shoe bag

Before we get inside the bag, I want to point out that all the little clasps and clips and things like that they’re all metal. A lot of the backpacks and bags that I’ve used in the past use plastic hardware which wears out very quickly. This should last you a long time and it does feel beef here so it has this more premium feel which I like.

Shoe bag’s zippers

The zippers are also embossed with a private-label logo.

Overall look of this shoe bag

You’ve got the private label logo with limited edition written underneath in white you’ve also got a couple of zippered pockets for any of your sort of miscellaneous cables things like that maybe your Bluetooth speakers I don’t know what you’re going to throw in there.

Shoe compartment

Of course, the reason we’re all here the main shoe compartment. If you have a separate bag and you want to throw all your clothes in there and then bring five or more pairs of sneakers with you, you could do that with the private label bag.

Different size adjustment

herschel shoe bag

So the most interesting part about this bag is that this entire main compartment. the thing is that it’s giving you some dividers. so that you can strap on to the sides of the bag.

So you can change the different compartments inside the bag itself. that’s super useful because it allows you to accommodate different shoe sizes. there are different compartments for different types of clothing or accessories or whatever the case may be.

for me when I travel out of town I usually bring two pairs of sneakers which easily fit.

And then my camera and my laptop also fit well.

This is perfect because it allows me to have two compartments for my sneakers. so they’re not rattling around getting scratched upon banging against each other.

It’s also having a separate compartment for my camera and lenses.

So again they won’t be rattling around and getting broken during travel.

Slot for laptop

Then a cool touch is that they already have a slot for your 15-inch laptop. A 15-inch MacBook which is the biggest MacBook size at the moment it’ll fit in this pocket no problem.

It’s got great protection it’s padded on both sides.

This bag was designed specifically for sneakers you can fit a bunch of pairs in here like. I said I have five in here if you have smaller feet you might be able to fit more.

Honestly, even if you packed more shoes in here.

You could probably fit a couple more pairs. regardless if you have bigger feet like size 13 to 14, you could probably fit the same.

Because you can change around the different compartments of the bag its super versatile. so you can fit pretty much whatever you want into the shoe bag.

Shoe bag pouch

One cool accessory the private label includes with the purchase of your bag is this sneaker pouch.

It’s an extra little zippered pouch that you can put inside the pockets.

If maybe you don’t want to get the sides of your bag dirty.

Shoe bag’s ventilation holes

A cool detail on this is that it has these ventilation holes in the bottom.

So if your feet stink when you open it up it won’t be a total stink bomb explosion. You’ll have some ventilation. so your shoes can hopefully get rid of some of that nasty foot smell.

Our recommendation

Overall this private label sneaker duffle bag is super versatile. it’s great for traveling. It’s great for many trips in particular.

Because you can carry your equipment and your shoes with no problem.

You will have no fear of them getting them damaged or broken.

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