Travlguid is the ultimate resource for luggage, bags, backpacks, luggage tags, suitcases, and supplies for your traveling needs. We specialize in researching, collecting, and showing only the best products on the market. Our goal is to provide a place that will allow shoppers to make the best purchase through comparison shopping, shopper reviews, and special prices only available at TravelGuid.

Why TravlGuid?

We’re dedicated to our mission. We are travelers ourselves, and like the people we intend to help through TravlGuid, we too want the best deals for traveling supplies. We made TravelGuid not only to help the everyday consumer who likes to travel but also for ourselves. We make sure that we only share the best quality products with the best deals and prices on those products.

TravlGuid Mission

To connect consumers with the best traveling products for their needs. Travlguid understands how stressful traveling can be for the consumer, our mission here is to help ease some of that stress by providing straight-forward and professionally tailored guides for traveling. We work closely with retailers to ensure that the customer is getting the best price available and we constantly make sure that the best price is the one you’re seeing on our end.

Behind the TravlGuid

Behind the TravlGuid are a group of travelers. Our staff is comprised of people who enjoy traveling and have collectively covered most of the map. We understand how stressful traveling can be and have made it our mission to make at least one part of your adventure a lot less stressful. We believe that everyone deserves to travel and should be able to travel at an affordable price. That’s why we created TravlGuid to help travelers, consumers, and adventure seekers find the best possible products for their traveling needs.

What we offer at TravlGuid 


TravlGuid offers a handpicked collection of travel resources. We work closely with retailers to offer consumers the best deal on the market at all times.

Top Luggage Ranked

TravelGuid works with some of the top luggage brands to bring only the best high-quality products to the consumer. Some of the brands include London Fog, Lily Bloom Luggage, Samsonite, and American Tourister.

Best Luggage Deals

Travlguid prides itself on staying on top of luggage deals so that we can offer the best affordable luggage at all times. This means you the consumer will always get the best price when shopping from Travlguid.

Reviews, Price Comparisons, and Special Offers

Travlguid features reviews from customers who have verified purchases with the brands we feature. We want to make sure that consumers are able to get honest opinions and reviews from real customers when shopping. Likewise, we want you to get the best price and offer price comparisons between our luggage so that you can choose which is best for your budget. Last, Travelguid contains special offers on luggage tags, suitcases, and bags that aren’t available from other travel guide retailers. When shopping through our traveling resources, you will get the best offer on luggage available.


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